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▷ fanfic: its like rain on your wedding day [May. 17th, 2011|08:36 pm]
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its like rain on your wedding day
jin-centric, pg
quite simply put this is just a character development piece. you can read it if you wish but it's probably not the best thing in the world!

hate stupid rain...Collapse )
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▷ fanmix: oceans apart [May. 12th, 2011|09:48 pm]
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hey everyone. i've kind of been working on this for a while and i wanted to share it with everyone out there who likes akame♥ it's a fanmix consisting of songs... about them, pretty much! i tried to get songs that conveyed both happy and sad things about their relationship, leaving it kind of as how... jin left. i hope everyone enjoys it and i'll have it available for download later on. you can listen to it by clicking on the name of the mix below and following the link to 8tracks.com.

oceans apart

an akame fanmix

includes 8 tracks.

right here waiting ー richard marx
「oceans apart, day after day, and i slowly go insane. i hear your voice on the line, but it doesn't stop the pain」

california king bed ー rihanna
「in this california king bed, we're ten thousand miles apart, i've been california wishing on these stars for your heart, for me, my california king」

like you'll never see me again ー alicia keys
「so every time you hold me, hold me like this is the last time, every time you kiss me, kiss me like you'll never see me again」

someday for somebody ー 亀梨和也
「even if we're separated from each other, even if the time passes by」

eternal ー 赤西仁
「for example, if there comes a time when we're reborn into a different world, each of us will meet the same way, and i will still love you the same way」

もう二度と・・・ー BENI
「we met and i loved you too much, it was painful and i was crying all the time, i was just waiting, i couldn't say goodbye, i can never return to those days」

ずっと ー 青山テルマ
「 relationship like close friends is a good feeling because it's no good if it's not you. no person could really replace you」

picture of you ー TVXQ
「even though we're not able to see the end, no matter how bumpy our road is, i'll promise you: please be mine」

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